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Backridge Tree Service

Meet Our Team

"I am so honored to have such a great crew to work with doing what I love to do."
Rob Calley
Rob Calley CTSP: President, Certified Trainer, Production Climber.
Rob is an ISA Board Certified Master Arborist #FL-6001B and Certified Treecare Safety Professional #1610. He was appointed to the Board of Directors for the Florida Chapter of the International Society of Arboriculture in 2015 and has been asked to serve a 3rd term in 2017. He is a certified trainer for the Tree Care Industry Association in chainsaw and chipper safety, and aerial rescue.
Rob Calley
Ron Simpson: VP of Commercial Accounts and Sales.
Ronnie is an ISA Certified Arborist #SO-1906 with 23 years in the tree care industry. He has worked with some of the most prestigious companies in the Southeast and has held every position in the industry. He is on the City of Cape Coral Florida's Tree Board and the Lee County Landscape Advisory Committee, and has focused his career on preservation of trees and educating clients to the proper care of trees. Certified Treecare Safety Professional #02527
Rob Calley
Dan Fisher: Crew Leader, Aerial Lift Specialist.
Dan has worked at Backridge Tree Service Inc for five years and has distinguished himself as a leader and responsible arborist. He is a TCIA Certified Chainsaw Specialist.
Dan Fiser
Steven Brown: Crew Leader, Climber Specialist.
Steven is only in his third year in tree care, but he is on the fast track to greatness. He is a strong intelligent climber with natural leadership skills and he's a TCIA Certified Chainsaw Specialist. ISA Certified Tree Worker-Climber Specialist FL-9237T as well as Graduate Of TCIA "Aerial Rescue training program"
Rob Calley
Pete Racine: Ground Crew Foreman/Driver.
Pete has been in the industry for 1000 years. Just kidding, but he's been around. He is our war horse and his experience provides us with new wisdom everyday. He is a TCIA Certified Chainsaw Specialist. Graduate Of TCIA "Aerial Rescue training program"
Rob Calley
JT Crouch: Ground Crew/Equipment Operator.
JT is a reliable and trusted crew member. He is our mini-loader expert and new crew members must pass his test in order to be signed off on its use.
Rob Calley
Alicia Calley: Office and Client Care Manager.
Alicia is the voice of Backridge Tree Service and we are so glad to have her. She is TCIA Chainsaw Certified and TCIA Aerial Rescue trained.



WOW! I told Steve and the crew how much of tree lovers we are and to please not take any more than necessary to get the branches off the roof. I didn't check it out while they were here, but I just did. They did exactly like we had hoped, just enough, not too much. We will definitely recommend you to others.
Kim H
These guys are super professional and safe in every way. I run a tree service in Alabama and have Backridge train my people on aerial rescue and climbing techniques. This is not your average run-of-the-mill tree crew. These guys put in the time and effort to do things right and safe.
Chris F
In Navarre, we have 24 live oaks. They came out with a quote and were able to come out and do the job on the day they said they would even with 20 mph winds. We were very impressed with their knowledge ane they were totally courteous. They did two walk throughs during the job to explain exactly ... Read more
Tommy D